tennisFlora Vista Inn offers two, tournament-quality, clay tennis courts. Use of our courts is complimentary to guests but may also be rented hourly.

Most tennis enthusiasts are familiar with Har Tru® courts. Har-Tru is a brand name for the clay (crushed basalt) used to surface these courts.

Har-Tru or “American” clay courts are found at many country clubs in the USA. The first Har-Tru court was constructed in Hagerstown, Maryland in 1932.

10 Reasons To Train on Clay:

• Long points mean more decisions must be made per point resulting in improved decision making.

• Long points require more mental endurance, resulting in greater mental toughness.

• More shots come back on clay and players learn to be patient.

• Adjusting to losing a point because of a bad bounce or loss of footing helps players mature emotionally.

• Conditions on clay can be fast or slow depending on the day. Players learn to recognize this and adapt.

• Longer points and longer matches help players develop their strength, fitness, and endurance.

• It is extremely difficult to end a point and to do so a player must learn a wide variety of shots, spins, and angles.

• The slippery footing teaches players to slide while maintaining balance and control.

• Occasional bad bounces make players’ strokes more adaptable.

• The softer, sliding nature of clay protects the body from injury.

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